Hire teachers on contract basis to deal with shortage, councils told

DODOMA: LOCAL government authorities have been told to engage teachers in contract employment, as a strategy to deal with the shortage of educators afflicting many schools in their respective areas.

Deputy Minister of State in the President’s Office (Regional Administration and Local Government) Dr Festo Dugange issued an appeal when responding to several questions posed by a number of MPs with regard to the shortage of teachers facing schools in the country.

Majority of MPs, who stood up in the debating chamber, including Japhet Hasunga (CCM- Vwawa), sought government response on its short and long terms measures it is instituting to deal with the shortage of teachers, especially Science and Mathematics educators.

In his response, Deputy Minister Dugange said council directors, through the government guideline, are empowered to hire teachers on contract basis, with internally generated revenue used as a source of funds to pay them.

The deputy minister admitted being aware of the shortage of teachers, especially Science and Mathematics instructors, facing public secondary schools in the country.

He, however, stated that President Samia Suluhu Hassan’s government has been employing teachers depending on the allocation of employment permits from relevant authorities.

“The government issued a guideline, directing councils how to hire such cadre of servants on contract basis. I therefore urge District Council Executive Directors (DEDs) to adhere to the guideline in engaging teachers to curb shortage,” Dr Dugange insisted.

In his basic question, Mr Hasunga asked when the government would allocate teachers to primary and secondary schools built in Vwawa, Songwe Region.

According to the MP, Vwawa has ten newly built schools that require immediate allocation of teachers. In his response, Dr Dugange said, through Mbozi District Council, the government has allocated 33 teachers for the newly built primary schools and 33 for secondary schools.

“Each year the government reduces the shortage of teachers in education sector, and in the near future, new employment vacancies for teachers will be announced after completion of permit procedures from the Office of President (Public Service and Good Governance) and availability of funds,” Dr Dugange said.

Other MPs who sought government responses on more of less similar question include Neema Lugakingira, who wanted to know when the government would allocate teachers for schools based in Bukoba Municipality.

Responding, Deputy Minister Dugange said schools facing shortage of teachers will be given priority when employment permits from relevant authorities are issued.

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