Govt pledges budget rise for mine inspections

DODOMA: THE government through the Ministry of Minerals has promised to increase the budget for mine inspection in the coming financial year with the view to prevent catastrophes in the mining sites.

The Minister for the docket, Mr Anthony Mavunde, stated this in his speech read on his behalf by Ministry’s Deputy Permanent Secretary, Mr Msafiri Mbibo, during a seminar for mine inspectors here.

Mr Mavunde asked the inspectors to conduct regular inspections, especially in areas of artisanal miners where accidents were rampant.

He told the participants that they have a duty to strengthen inspections at their work stations, stressing that a chunk of ministry’s revenue comes from the mine inspection services.

The minister said when inspection services were poor the ministry’s income is also affected.

“Considering the need for increasing the inspections, the ministry will increase the budget for inspection in the next year in order to avert accidents,” he said in his speech.

He further asked the inspectors to ensure that mining activities are sustainable and productive by ensuring that mining activities are conducted in safe environments.

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By April this financial year, a total of eight big mines, 56 medium mines and 21,622 small mines had been inspected, hence, making the mining sector more stable and its contribution to the economy heightened.

“In order to increase more revenue, we must strengthen supervision and inspection so as to reduce human errors, we must be creative while embracing integrity, accountability and professionalism,” he stated.

Earlier, Minerals Commission Executive Secretary, Eng Yahya Samamba commended the ministry for the guidance in ensuring proper execution of its activities.

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