Govt issues ultimatum for PEPMIS registration

DODOMA: MINISTER of State in the President’s Office (Public Service Management and Good Governance), George Simbachawene has directed executives in the public institutions to ensure that all employees who are yet to register in the Public Employees’ Performance Management Information System (PEPMIS) to do so by Sunday.

He also directed that all employees in the public service should make sure that their annual performance reports for this financial year (2023/24) have been fully filled in the PEPMIS.

The minister was speaking Wednesday when he officiated at the inauguration ceremony for the 2024 Public Service Week which kicked off on July 16 at the popular Dodoma’s Chinangali Park grounds. The celebrations will reach its climax on June 23, 2024.

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Mr Simbachawene said: “All executives should make sure that their staff who have not registered in PEPMIS use this opportunity to register and indicate their annual plans, so that after this public service week, everybody has been registered.’’

The minister further used the occasion to remind executives and public servants to capitalise on Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) that has been put up by the government so as to simplify responsibilities as well as reducing complaints from a section of the public.

“The major aim of the government is to ensure that all services provided are being taken closer to people, especially the ordinary citizens,’’ he added.

In intensifying mutual relations with ordinary citizens, Mr Simbachawene directed public servants to participate in conducting social activities especially in hospitals and markets, among other public places which ought to be surrounded by many citizens.

Regarding the public service week, the minister directed officials of different public entities to present reports to the President’s Office Public Service Management in order to prepare a comprehensive report to the Head of State.

“On this, I direct the Permanent Secretary’s Office to submit the implementation report to my office,’’ insisted Mr Simbachawene.

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