Govt finalizes new regulations on public procurement

DODOMA: THE government is finalizing the formation of regulations after the National Assembly amended the Public Procurement Act to protect local contractors.

Minister for Finance, Dr Mwigulu Nchemba said the government is finalizing the formation of the regulations to enable local contractors to operate efficiently.

The Minister was responding to supplementary question posed by Temeke MP, Dorothy Kilave. The MP wanted the government to clarify on the delay of the payment for local contractors.

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The MP also wanted to know what the government was doing to resolve the challenge since the delay starts with failure to pay foreign contractors who later sub-contract local contractors.

She wanted the government to give the procedures for paying local contractors on time to enable them continue with their activities without problems.

Dr Mwigulu said the government is doing everything in its capacity to ensure local contractors are paid on time and that formation of new regulations will help resolve the problem.

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