Government executives educated on natural wealth, resources protection

TANZANIA: TANZANIA has intensified its efforts to protect its natural wealth and resources by providing education to government executives on the laws that govern the resources.

The goal is to establish a common understanding among all stakeholders and achieve the desired objectives.

The two-day training was offered to all Permanent and Deputy Secretaries from various ministries, as well as institutional directors in the department of natural resources and wealth.

Speaking during the training on Thursday, Minister for Constitution and Legal Affairs, Ambassador Pindi Chana emphasised the importance of such training in ensuring a shared understanding of the responsibilities related to the management of Natural Wealth and Natural Resources Laws.

“Through this capacity building, government executives will enhance their knowledge on how to manage the country’s resources for the benefit of the nation,” she stated.

Ambassador Chana highlighted the need for coordinated efforts in overseeing the management of natural wealth and resources.

She called upon public officials responsible for managing the country’s resources to have a common understanding in order to attract investors.

“It is important to ensure mutual coordination in managing the natural wealth and natural resources of the country, based on the principles of integrity and patriotism,” noted Ambassador Chana.

Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry for Constitutional and Legal Affairs, Dr Khatibu Kazungu, stated that all government officials and stakeholders who participated in the training will gain crucial knowledge that will strengthen the management of the country’s resources.

He added: “Through this training, we will continue to implement our constitutional laws and different policies that govern our natural resources.”

In 2017, the government enacted two important laws governing the country’s natural wealth and resources. These laws are the State Authority Act on Natural Wealth and Natural Resources Chapter 449, and the Law of Review and Negotiations on Negative Provisions in the Natural Wealth and Natural Resources Agreements of the States Chapter 450.

The aim of these laws is to enhance the protection and management of the country’s natural wealth and resources, ensuring their efficient and sustainable use. The goal is to boost the economy of Tanzanians and increase the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

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