Golf discipline gets shot in the arm

DAR ES SALAAM: THE golf discipline has received a new backup from Vodacom Tanzania as the company launched the Vodacom Golf Tour and Lugalo Open Golf 2024 tournaments.

The launch was held in Dar es Salaam yesterday to promote, develop and help the game go digital. Tanzania People’s Defence Force (TPDF) Lugalo Golf Club Chairman, Michael Luwongo confirmed the tournament is scheduled to tee off from July 5th to 7th this year.

“Especially, I would like to thank Vodacom for stepping forward and sponsoring our prestigious tournament that possesses the history of the club,” he said.

Luwongo added that the competition is open to men’s Divisions A, B and C, ladies, seniors and juniors as well. “We expect the competition to be great and preparation is in top gear to put the course in good condition so that everyone can enjoy the competition,” he said.

Aileen Meena, the Vodacom Tanzania Head of Marketing, Enablement Vodacom Business, said the golf partnership that started will be sustainable.

“We are launching a oneof-a-kind golf tour that has the slogan ‘Tee up for the Excellent’. Our goal is to connect sports and technologies to drive modernity,” she stressed.

Meena noted that they will ensure the internet is fast and available at golf events for free. “We have also intended to connect players even when they are abroad through internet roaming and money transaction systems to facilitate their smooth participation.

“We also continue to look at other areas to improve this game and take further steps to ensure that we combine technology and sports in collaboration with Lugalo Club, Tanzania Golf Union (TGU) and Tanzania Ladies Golf Union (TLGU),” added Meena.

Gilman Kasiga, the TGU Chairman said the Lugalo Open will be among the biggest competitions as for the first time it joins the World Amateurs Golf Ranking. “I call on the players to take it seriously as it is an important competition.

They have to remember they are competing with the world because victory will give them important points and the chance to participate in major competitions in the world,” he said.

Kasiga thanked Lugalo Club and Vodacom Tanzania for establishing a golf partnership and efforts are being made for other clubs to enter into a partnership with Vodacom. TLGU President, Queen Siraki, also commended Vodacom for their efforts that together help the government agenda to create healthy citizens.

“Good citizens are those who are healthy and when you support sports, you allow citizens to exercise and build health as well,” she said

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