Fasttrack alternative dispute resolution Bill, Mwinyi orders

ZANZIBAR: ZANZIBAR President Dr Hussein Mwinyi has ordered for the speedy writing of a Bill for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Act to have the legislation in place within this calendar year.

President Mwinyi said the government has embarked on the process of enacting the ADR law to create a dispute resolution mechanism that fastens case hearings and reduces animosity between quarreling parties.

“The government has initiated the process to write the alternative dispute resolution Bill; I hereby order all involved institutions to ensure the process is completed and the Act becomes operational within this year–2024,” Dr Mwinyi said at the climax of Zanzibar Law Week here on Wednesday.

He described the ADR mechanism as one of the best systems to provide justice in the country speedily, transparently, easily and efficiently to attract investors.

“All investors want to operate in countries whose judicial systems are open, efficient, fast and transparent,” President Mwinyi said, maintaining that the judiciary has an important role to play in helping the government to attract investors.

The president further ordered the fast enactment of laws to facilitate the operationalisation of the special court for corruption and economic sabotage offenses in the country.

He said the government is determined to ensure justice dispensation through adequately investing in infrastructure and human resources to strengthen the judiciary and its institutions.

President Mwinyi cited the construction of seven court buildings in regions and districts, recruitment of more judges, magistrates and kadhis as well as improved remuneration to judicial workers as some of the government initiatives to improve judicial services to the people.

He said the welfare of wananchi relies on strong foundations for human rights, good governance, court independence and firm legislation that protects the society against all sorts of humiliation.

Dr Mwinyi commended the Zanzibar court for starting the process to improve the electronic systems for case hearings, thanks to support from Tanzania Mainland. He also inaugurated the court’s five-year (2024-2029) strategic plan and received the court work performance report for 2023.

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