Exim Bank unveils ‘Tap Tap Utoboe’ campaign to reward customers

Dar es Salaam: Exim Bank Tanzania has introduced an innovative campaign to motivate its customers to perform more transactions using mobile phones and online platforms instead of cash payments.

This three-month campaign, “Tap Tap Utoboe” offers exciting weekly and monthly prizes to participants.

The “Tap Tap Utoboe” campaign will reward over 200 customers with various prizes, including cash, motorbikes, a Bajaj, and the grand prize of a new Mazda CX-5.

Customers can enter the draw by conducting transactions through their phones or online, encouraging the use of digital banking services. The campaign targets both existing and new customers. For those who have never used mobile and online banking services, this is the perfect opportunity to start.

New customers are invited to join the Exim Bank family and experience their excellent digital banking services. To participate, customers must conduct all their banking transactions via their phone or online.

This includes paying utility bills, making purchases, sending money, paying taxes, withdrawing money through Exim Wakala, paying for motor vehicle insurance, and other services.

To win prizes, customers are encouraged to frequently transact using mobile and online banking services. Each week, ten winners will receive 50,000/-, and each month, ten winners will receive100,000/-.

The third-place winner will receive a motorbike, the second-place winner will receive a Bajaj, and the first place and overall winner will drive away in a brand-new Mazda CX-5.

According to Exim Bank, during the campaign, every transaction worth 50,000/- or more, conducted more than once via mobile phone or online, qualifies the participant for a chance to win in the draw.

Silas Matoi, Head of Alternative Channels & Digital Transformation, stated, “Digital innovation is at the heart of our strategy. The Tap Tap Utoboe campaign is crafted to engage both tech-savvy users and those who are less familiar with technology, ensuring that everyone can benefit from our services.”

Every week, there will be a draw, and 10 lucky customers will each have the chance to win cash prizes of  50,000/-, Exim Bank announced.

Additionally, there will be a monthly draw where 10 customers will each have the chance to win cash prizes of 100,000/-.

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“To qualify for the monthly draw, customers must conduct transactions worth 200,000/- or more across one or more services,” Silas added.

Speaking about the grand prizes for the campaign winners, Silas stated, “The first-place winner will drive away in a new Mazda CX-5, fully insured and ready for the road. The second-place winner will take home a Bajaj, and the third-place winner will receive a motorbike, both also covered with comprehensive insurance.”

Through the Tap Tap Utoboe campaign, Exim Bank aims to foster inclusive economic growth by offering customers equal opportunities to access financial services.

services ensure that everyone, including those in rural areas, has easy access to banking. This initiative
helps to enhance financial inclusion and stimulate economic development within the community.

Stanley Kafu, Head of Marketing and Communications at Exim Bank, stated that the bank’s primary goal
is to cultivate a cashless culture within the community by promoting electronic transactions.

This initiative aligns with the Bank of Tanzania (BOT) advocacy for adapting to global advancements in
financial transactions.

“We are proud of our partnership with the Tanzania Gaming Board for this campaign. This ongoing
partnership aims to ensure the campaign is executed with the highest standards of excellence and
efficiency,” he added. “We’ve always been pioneers in service transformation, leading the charge in our country’s financial sector. Through various methods, like rewarding our customers, we’ve ensured they stay onboard with
these advancements.

This campaign marks a pivotal moment, promising substantial and positive shifts across the industry.


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