EU brings relief to populations affected by flooding, landslides in Tanzania

TANZANIA: THE European Union has allocated 100,000 Euros (approximately 277m/-) in emergency humanitarian funding to aid the most affected households, in response to the devastating impact of heavy rains in Tanzania.

The flooding and landslides, linked to the El Niño phenomenon, causing widespread flooding and landslides, have claimed many lives and destroyed thousands of homes in different parts of the country.

The funding is in addition to an earlier allocation of 100,000 Euros (about 277m/-) to the Tanzania Red Cross Society in December 2023, which the EU contributed in response to flooding. This brings the total EU contribution to the Tanzania flooding response to 200,000 Euros (about 554m/-).

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“This allocation is part of the EU’s overall contribution to the Disaster Response Emergency Fund (DREF) of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, IFRC,” read the statement.

According to a press statement released by the EU delegation in Tanzania yesterday, the EU funding will support the Tanzania Red Cross Society in delivering urgently needed assistance to scale up lifesaving and emergency relief to the most vulnerable, especially the people whose homes have been destroyed and those who have been displaced.

The funds, said the statement, will help the purchase of tarpaulins and tents for affected households, to set up emergency shelters, as well as provide essential household items to those displaced and to campbased populations.

The statement revealed further that, the funds will enable the Red Cross Society to support financially the most affected and vulnerable populations, conduct search and rescue operations, offer first aid, and evacuate the critically ill or injured.

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The money will also be used to purchase and distribute water treatment chemicals to minimize the risk of waterborne diseases.

The support will benefit about 85,000 victims in Morogoro, Mbeya, Kilimanjaro, Unguja, Geita, Dar es Salaam, Manyara, and the Coast regions.

Since November 2023, Tanzania has been experiencing heavy rains caused by the El Niño phenomenon. The rains continued into 2024, bringing landslides and floods that caused further destruction of homes, crops, agricultural assets, and affected over 200,000 people.

In December 2023, a massive landslide near Mount Hanang in the Manyara Region of northern Tanzania affected nearly 44,000 people and resulted in 89 deaths.

In addition, Cyclone Hidaya made landfall on May 4th this year, bringing strong winds and heavy rains to the coast south of Dar es Salaam. The sustained heavy rains continue to worsen the situation for many affected households.

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