Energy ministry instructed to establish special unit for clean cooking energy

MWANZA: THE DEPUTY Prime Minister, Dr Doto Biteko, has directed the executives under the Ministry of Energy to establish a special unit for clean cooking energy management to effectively push the agenda of clean cooking energy.

The Deputy Premier, who is also the Minister for Energy, said that the unit will enable the agenda to be more effectively implemented than merely preparing and participating in conferences.

Dr Biteko made the directives on Monday when opening the fifth meeting of the workers’ Council of the Ministry of Energy that took place in Mwanza Region aimed at reviewing and approving a draft budget of the docket for the 2024/2025 year.

“President Samia Suluhu Hassan is the champion of the implementation of clean cooking energy agenda, so the ministry must put in place an institutional and systemic strategy to attain the goals of the agenda,” Dr Biteko asserted.

Recently President Samia has stressed her commitment to transforming 88 per cent of Tanzanians from using firewood and charcoal to clean cooking energy by 2030.

“I promise you that, high per cent of Tanzanians will use clean energy for cooking and I will make a follow-up on this. Regarding issues of gender and people with special groups, I will continue to ensure that we resolve all challenges,” the Head of the State assured.

President Samia made the statement when she spoke via a mobile phone to women during the conference to congratulate her for being the champion of clean cooking energy, environment and mothers and children’s health in Dar es Salaam recently.

In a related development, Dr Biteko said the docket has the responsibility to transform the country from using petroleum products to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) by creating an environment that will reduce dependence on fuels.

He also instructed the executive under the docket to ensure the country switches from using fuels to CNG.
Moreover, Dr Biteko reminded the personnel under the ministry to work diligently adding they must serve Tanzanians as they are the ones who have been entrusted in the energy sector.

He also directed the ministry to have a mechanism for motivating personnel who perform their duties well and take appropriate action against those who do not.

In addition, he warned the authorities under the ministry and its and institutions to exercise well their power in serving wananchi adding their positions are only transitory.

Dr Biteko also urged the members of the Workers’ Council of the Ministry of Energy to review the budget carefully before it reaches the Parliamentary Committee level.

“You have to address any challenges existing in the sector and come up with an alternative solution,’ he pointed out.

“Despite of Julius Nyerere Hydropower Project (JNHPP) starting to generate power, we still have to develop other projects as JNHPP is a short-term holiday…if we think 50 years ahead, we must develop other sources.”

Earlier, the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Energy Eng Felchesmi Mramba said after the council approved the draft of the 2024/2025 ministry’s budget the following step is to be approved by Parliamentary Committee and later the Minister will read it in parliament for approval by the National Assembly.

Regarding the budget for the 2023/2024 year, Eng Mramba said issues planned for the budget have been well implemented to a large extent that the next budget will also be implemented well.

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