Educate public on will writing, RITA urges

NJOMBE: MINISTER for Constitution and Legal Affairs, Ambassador Dr Pindi Chana has called upon the Registration, Insolvency and Trusteeship Agency (RITA) to collaborate with district secretariats countrywide as it continues to educate the public on the importance of drafting wills before death to minimise conflicts that often occur after the demise of parents.

Minister Dr Chana made the call in Njombe, while opening a training organised by RITA for District Administrative Secretaries from Njombe, Iringa, Mbeya and Songwe Regions, noting that the wills are important in addressing family inheritance of property, when parents or guardians die.

She emphasised the government’s commitment to ensuring peaceful coexistence among citizens.

“Today’s training covered births and trusteeship services, but I also urge training organisers to incorporate issues of inheritance and wills since they will help resolve conflicts and empower citizens to claim their rights,” Minister Chana pointed out.

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Elaborating, she cited a number of challenges, which face widows and heirs, especially when denied assets following the death of spouses.

According to the minister, through RITA’s training positive outcomes were expected in resolving disputes regarding property inheritance.

“The main cause of inheritance disputes is an outcome of parents failing to draft wills before they die,” she said, stressing the importance of wills as bringing peace in families.

Minister Chana also wanted the DAS to use the training opportunities as platforms to acquire skills in mobilising the residents to write wills in their areas of work.

She added: “Will writing will help to educate citizens on the significance of sharing property even among people, who are not legally recognised in a family, what matters is what/ who the parent or spouse has proposed during his/her lifetime as a heir.”

On his part, RITA Chief Executor and CEO, Mr Frank Kanyusi noted that they regularly organise such trainings for various development stakeholders and government institutions to enhance understanding of their services and discuss ways to improve efficiency.

He said: “The births and deaths registration act recognises District Administrative Secretaries as district registrars and services are available in their offices. “They are directly involved in registering births, deaths and marriages, as well as collecting divorce judgments in their areas.” Furthermore, Mr Kanyusi stated that District Administrative Secretaries’ offices are also places where spouses can get marriage certificates.

Recently, all people in marriages countrywide were told to register on eRITA system to obtain new digital licences.

Ms Grace Mgeni, District Administrative Secretary of Makete District, said that the eRITA system will help reach a larger number of citizens and reduce congestion at the agency’s offices.

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