EACOP extends aid to mudslide victims in Hanang

MANYARA: EAST African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) has donated 1,000 cement bags to support mudslide victims in Hanang District, Manyara Region.

Manyara Regional Commissioner Ms Queen Sendiga said here on Monday, “The recent calamity in Hanang has left our communities in dire need, and the generous humanitarian aid from EACOP comes as a beacon of hope during these challenging times,”

She added, “We appreciate their swift response and support in our efforts to rebuild and recover from this tragedy,”

The relentless heavy rain in Hanang District triggered widespread flooding and landslides, particularly on the steep slopes of Mount Hanang, impacting areas around the towns of Katesh and Gendabi.

The EACOP Tanzania branch Communications Lead, Ms Catherine Mbatia said, “As one of the districts where our pipeline traverses, EACOP recognises the responsibility to stand in solidarity with the communities affected by this tragedy,”

She added: “The core values of EACOP extend beyond our operational commitments, reaching into the very fabric of the communities we serve.

Our donation of humanitarian aid is a testament to our dedication and commitment to corporate social responsibility,”

The disaster has regrettably claimed lives and caused extensive damage to farmland, leading to the displacement of thousands of individuals.

“I want to express our profound gratitude to EACOP for their assistance. The aid received will significantly alleviate the immediate challenges we are facing, providing comfort and relief to the affected families,” she said.

This partnership between EACOP and the community is a shining example of unity in times of adversity,” shared by a beneficiary of the humanitarian aid.

EACOP believes in the power of collective action and is committed to leveraging its resources to contribute meaningfully to the recovery and rebuilding efforts in the district.

This initiative reflects EACOP’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and community support, emphasizing our dedication to the well-being of the regions where we operate.

The company values the importance of being a responsible corporate citizen and acknowledges the interconnectedness of our operations with the communities we serve.

EACOP will work closely with local authorities, relief organizations, and community leaders in the distribution of the assistance.

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