EACOP compensation payment reaches 99pc

THE East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline Project (EACOP) has completed 99 percent of compensation payments for project victims in the lake zone.

EACOP Communications Division Officer, Ms Catherine Mbatia revealed this while presenting the compensation program to journalists in Geita town.

Ms Catherine said so far, 99 per cent of the victims who either their land or houses have been affected by the project have almost been compensated.

She said to date, there are no complaints from anyone because the project has respected human rights and complied to national and international laws. “We make sure that everyone gets his rights, we started at the village level where the oil pipeline passes and went to other parts in the regions.

“We had everyone’s information, we made sure everone was reached not only in their household but also getting the right information from the villages and neighborhoods chairmen.

“Therefore, the village chairmen report helped us a lot to reduce complaints, no one was bullied and even if someone was bullied, he or she got his rights,” she said.

Geita Region Oil Pipeline Project Relations Coordinator, Mr Moses Msophe said all compensation procedures have been observed and about 1,470 people who have been affected have been compensated.

“Among them, 36 were those who were directly affected in their homes, while 1,434 were victims who were affected in their areas.

“The compensation payent involved a high level of transparency, presentation as well as documents review.”

Mr Msophe said a total of 23 houses have been built for the victims of the crude oil pipeline in Chato district, Geita district, Bukombe and Mbogwe.

“The biggest challenge we encountered during the payment of compensation is family conflicts. We, as project officers, when we encounter conflicts, we seize the compensation procedures.”

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