Deliver quality services, Mchengerwa orders health workers

MOROGORO: MINISTER of State, President’s Office-Regional Administrations and Local Governments (PO-RALG), Mohamed Mchengerwa, has called on doctors and nurses in the country to deliver quality healthcare services with wholehearted dedication.

This, he emphasised, is to alleviate blame directed towards the government.

Mchengerwa made the remarks while handing over six vehicles to the leadership of the Morogoro Region for administration purpose.

Among the vehicles is a mobile clinic for the Regional Chief Medical Officer and four others for the district councils of Ulanga, Kilosa, Malinyi, and the Morogoro Municipality.

He urged nurses to eliminate shameful practices in their areas of operation, particularly by prioritising the statuses of Tanzanians, including expectant mothers.

Mr Mchengerwa highlighted President Samia Suluhu Hassan’s efforts in constructing health centres, improving infrastructure, and establishing new hospitals.

These initiatives, he emphasised, fall under PO-RALG’s key responsibility.

“I urge you to live in line with the vision of our President, Samia Suluhu Hassan… take action to prevent acts that Tanzanians do not want to hear or see, which have been occurring recently,” he emphasised.

Minister Mchengerwa stated that despite the diverse responsibilities within the healthcare sector, it is their duty to recognise President Samia’s substantial work in enhancing the wellbeing and benefits of employees, including those in the healthcare sector.

Regarding the vehicles, the government allocated 52.38bn/- to purchase them for all district councils nationwide.

Each regional and district medical officer will receive these vehicles for efficient health service management.

Mchengerwa disclosed that since the inception of the sixth Phase Government, 528 vehicles have been procured and handed over to PO-RALG.

He encouraged regional and district medical officers to acknowledge PO-RALG as the key player in primary healthcare.

The district medical officers who received the vehicles commended the government for providing them, addressing challenges related to road infrastructure and vehicle shortages.

Dr Aziz Keto, Malinyi District Medical Officer, expressed gratitude, stating that the newly acquired vehicle would greatly aid in managing healthcare services, particularly in remote areas more than 150 kilometres away from the district headquarters.

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