CJ calls for more education on mediation for society

CHIEF Justice, Professor Ibrahim Juma has called for legal stakeholders to work together in educating society on using Alternative Dispute resolution (ADR) or mediation methods in seeking for their rights.

He said this approach has proved to have several benefits compared to normal court proceedings, it has been learnt.

Prof Juma made the remarks during the ADR stakeholders recognition award event which was organised by the High Court of Tanzania- Centre for Mediation and took place at the Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre (JNICC) in Dar as Salaam recently.

“Using mediation method to solve cases has proved to be the right mechanism to save time, reduce costs and help in maintaining peace among parties which are involved.

Despite all these benefits, the majority of people are not aware of this method. It is our duty as legal stakeholders to join our efforts and reach out to the people with the knowledge, ” he said.

Prof Juma urged law practitioners especially advocates to put aside their interests and work to see that more and more people are using mediation as a way of achieving their rights.

A senior lecturer at the Law School of Tanzania, Dr Clement Mashamba said there is a need for ADR subjects to be taught in all law schools as one way of increasing awareness on the subject to law practitioners and society as a whole.

The President of the Tanzania Institute of Arbitrators, Madeline Kimei, advised that there was a need to have better policies, which would create a good environment for mediation to work more effectively.

“Mediation method in our country is still facing some challenges and one of the reasons is that in some circumstances mediation is not recognised as an official way of solving cases. Sometimes, individuals have to go back to normal Court proceedings even after reaching decisions through mediation”.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Centre of Mediation and Arbitration (CMA) Mr. Usekelege Mpulla said that the government’s efforts to open CMA offices in all regions of the country have helped much in solving labour disputes.

“Before CMA started its services in the year 2007, it was difficult for an employed person to get his or her rights when facing unfair treatment. But the situation has changed for the better following the availability of mediation services provided by CMA in all regions,” he noted.

The event was attended by Judges of the High Court of Tanzania, students from Tanzania Law School, representatives from various government institutions, bank officials, advocates and others.

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