Kitobo ward councillor calls citizens to elect development-minded leaders

KAGERA: Willy Mutayoba, the Kitobo Ward Councillor in Kagera Region, has advised citizens to elect leaders who will be able to shape the country’s development in the next five years.

In an exclusive interview with a local radio station, Mr Mutayoba highlighted the significance of the upcoming elections, stating that the decisions made by citizens would determine the leadership for the next five years at all levels.

He emphasized that electing effective leaders would result in benefits for the community, whereas choosing poorly could lead to enduring challenges.

Based on the development attained in his ward so far, Mutayoba expressed his optimism that the ruling party, CCM, will continue to perform well thanks to the initiatives undertaken by President Samia’s government.

Mutayoba elaborated on the progress of various development projects in Kitobo Ward, particularly focusing on improvements in water supply.

He stated that around 300 households now have access to water, with efforts underway to ensure universal access.

Additionally, he highlighted the provision of water and electricity to government facilities such as hospitals and schools, including Kitobwa Secondary School, as notable accomplishments in the 2023/24 fiscal year.

Overall, Mutayoba emphasized the progress made in Kitobo Ward under the leadership of President Samia’s government and the commitment of CCM to development initiatives.

He underscored the importance of citizen participation in the electoral process to ensure continued growth and prosperity for the community.

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