Call to act as President Samia receives criminal justice report

DODOMA: President Samia Suluhu Hassan received a Criminal Justice report in Dodoma on Saturday and directed leaders and public institutions at large to implement the commission’s recommendations accordingly.

Receiving the dossier at the State House in Chamwino, in the capital city, the Head of State reaffirmed the government’s determination to implement the recommendations in various ministries and institutions.

According to the President, the need for justice in various sectors in the country was one of her biggest burdens that pushed her to launch the commission in search of a solution for a better Tanzania.

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“My comfort is that what was burning in my heart is now taking a new shape, a change in practicing justice in our country…now that we have officially received the information on the strategies that the commission was preparing. I would like to emphasize that the duty to enhance citizens’ rights is uncompromised,” President Samia stressed.

Moreover, President Samia said that for the country to attain its desired changes in the justice system, leaders and institutions must change their mindsets and attitudes by accepting and implementing the commission’s recommendations without any hesitation.

“I understand that some of our institutions have been hesitating to implement the recommendations brought by the commission…it is a matter of understanding, they have not yet bothered to understand them, and our goal is to strengthen and rebuild performance based on the principles of good governance. For this to take place, change is necessary,” she added.

“Tanzania is experiencing changes in all spheres of life: economically, politically, and socially. We must embrace the proposed changes. Changing is not an easy task and sometimes comes with criticism, but it is inevitable,” she noted.

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However, the Head of State said she has noted the existence of misuse of power by some district and regional commissioners and asked the Secretary General to organize a workshop that will enlighten all leaders on the commission’s recommendations and strategies while at the same time demanding each leader to understand their responsibilities and boundaries.

Submitting the report to the Head of State, the commission’s chairperson, Ambassador Ombeni Sefue, said some institutions, except the Judiciary, are hesitating to implement the recommendations.

The former Chief Secretary said the commission has already come up with communication strategies that will enable it to communicate with the general public on the recommended reforms and receive feedback.

The commission has also prepared a dossier which details areas that need legal reforms and the enactment of new laws to enhance good governance and human rights.

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