Bunge pins Mpina for gross misconduct

DODOMA: KISESA Member of Parliament, Luhaga Mpina has been suspended for 15 parliamentary sittings after the Parliamentary Privileges, Ethics and Power Committee found him guilty of disrespecting the Speaker of the National Assembly and the contempt of Parliament.

The committee found him guilty of sharing with the media the evidence he had submitted to the Speaker of the National Assembly, to support his allegations that the Minister for Agriculture, Hussein Bashe lied in Parliament in sugar import saga.

Members of Parliament supported the motion of punishment for the lawmaker according to the Parliament Regulations Section 84 (3) as proposed by the committee to suspend him for between 10 and 15 parliamentary sittings.

Speaker of the Parliament, Dr Tulia Ackson clarified that his suspension began immediately with yesterday sitting, where he was ordered to leave the House and the punishment will end at the first meeting of November session.

None of 18 Members of Parliament who contributed to the motion said on the contrary.

Many suggested that he gets suspension of 15 sessions, which is the maximum penalty given under regulations.

The Parliamentary Committee said that their investigation showed the Minister for Agriculture did not lie in Parliament about sugar import crisis as alleged and Mpina’s evidence was not sufficient to prove his claims.

The committee also said they were satisfied that the Kisesa MP had disrespected the Speaker of the House and was contemptuous of Parliament.

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