Blue Economy Boost: DMI and TASAC partner to Ilimprove safety culture in Tanzanian waters

DAR ES SALAAM: Initiative are in place to equip seafarers and other waterways transporters with safety knowledge for combating deadly accidents which, apart from challenging progress of the blue economy, claims innocent lives.

This comes at a time when statistics from the Tanzania Shipping Agencies Corporation (TASAC) shows that at least seven accidents occurred in the marine transportation sector in Tanzania where 7 people die and 57 others sustained various injuries due to marine accidents in the year 2023.

“As the government is now attracting solid investment in the blue economy and transport infrastructure, we are moving to a step of sensitizing on personal based human behaviors which if left uncontrolled, leads to deadly accidents,” Acting Principle of DMI, Dr Wilfred Kileo said.

Speaking while opening a one-day workshop on marine safety during commemoration of the World Seafarers Day in Bagamoyo town Coast region the Dr Kileo said for a long time, accidents in marine environment have been excluding human factors and errors which my worsen the situation if left un tapped.

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All of the major deadly accidents in the gigantic Indian ocean, lakes Victoria, Tanganyika and Nyasa, according to him, were due to human behaviors than machine and infrastructure failure, and hence, DMI and other government bodies considers it as a high time to advocate acts if human life are to be safeguarded of cargo are to be safely shipped for economic growth.

“To start with, DMI is conducting a survey and will run a workshop to sensitize this matter. It is estimated that over speeding, excessive alcohol usage, and lack of self-discipline have been the main course to deadly mishap compared to other factors like vessel malfunctions,” he elaborated.

On his side, TASAC’s acting manager for seafarers training and certification Engineer Lameck Sondo said that Tanzania has over 8,000 registered marine officers in general, among whom seafarers are more than 2,300.

He said that to help control human behaviour and promote them for local and international jobs, TASAC will soon start issuing certificates and identify cards electronically.

“This will help to oversee seafarers functionality locally and internationally and hence, have their integrity checked for better jobs and safeguarding lives and property,” The sinking of ships and capsizing are main accidents leading to deaths and loss of property.

This tragedy is also aggravated by overloading the marine vessels, which, if spills oil, leads to marine pollutions which is deadly to aquatic life.

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