Barrick sets aside 9bn/- for CSR projects in Tarime

MARA: BARRICK North Mara plans to spend 9bn/- for the implementation of various social development projects in Tarime District, Mara Region being part of its Corporate Social Responsibility.

This was unveiled here at the weekend during the council’s meeting attended by all councillors and Tarime Member of Parliament Mwita Waitara.

Speaking during the meeting, Barrick North Mara Communication Manager, Francis Uhadi said that councillors have to provide the right information to the citizens on the social development projects executed in their areas as way to address incidents of invasion into mining areas.

“Every year we set aside funds for the implementation of social development projects, and as we speak there are ongoing projects worth 7.3bn/- ,” he said.

Mr Uhadi said invasion into the mining areas has become a chronic problem and thus it is important for the councillors to educate their citizens on the benefits they get from the mining operations in their areas.

Tarime Council Chairman, Simion Kiles said during the council meeting recently that 60 per cent of the Barrick North Mara CSR fund will finance social development projects in 77 villages and 40 per cent to 11 villages which are close the mining areas. He added 30 per cent of the funds set aside for 77 villages will be used for implementing strategic projects and the remaining to the villages for social development projects.

“Councillors are obliged to provide information to the citizens on the role played by Barrick North Mara in disbursing funds for the implementation of social development projects in their areas,” he said.

He added that giving citizens right information on the role played by the Barrick North Mara in their areas will help create friendly environment for win win situation.

On his part, Tarime District Council Director Solomon Shati said there is increased efficiency in implementing social development projects financed Barrick North Mara CSR funds.

“This is an inclusive plan, we are not doing without involving views from the citizens and councillors as their representatives. The plan should focus at addressing problems of the people,” he said.

He said there is big improvement and increase in efficiency in implementing social development projects financed by Barrick North Mara CSR funds currently when compared to 2019/2020.

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