Bank launches nationwide blood donation drive to combat blood shortage

Dar es Salaam: Exim Bank Tanzania has launched a nationwide blood donation drive aimed at alleviating blood shortages in hospitals and health facilities.

This critical initiative, in partnership with the National Blood Transfusion Services (NBTS), has taken place across six major regions: Dar es Salaam, Dodoma, Mwanza, Arusha, Mtwara, and Mbeya.

In Dar es Salaam, donation centers will be conveniently situated at Mnazi Mmoja, Mbezi Mwisho, and Mbagala to ensure easy access for all donors.

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In celebration of World Blood Donor Day on June 14, 2024, themed “20 years of celebrating giving: thank you blood donors!”, Exim Bank is extending its efforts to highlight the importance of blood donation.

This nationwide blood donation drive is part of a global effort to accelerate progress and make safe blood transfusion universally accessible.

Speaking at the launch event in Dar es Salaam, Stanley Kafu, Exim Bank’s Head of Marketing and Communications, stated, “Our enduring commitment to community health and well-being drives us to support critical initiatives like this. We have made significant strides in aiding those in need, and we look forward to continuing this vital work to positively impact the lives of Tanzanians.”

He added, “We encourage everyone to participate in this life-saving blood donation drive. Donating blood is a simple act of kindness that can make a significant difference in someone’s life. Together, we can ensure that our health facilities are well-equipped to handle emergencies and provide essential care.”

Exim Bank’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and community engagement is evident through its diverse range of initiatives aimed at fostering social, health, economic, and gender empowerment in Tanzania. This blood donation drive is part of a broader effort to enhance health services and support those in need across the nation.

The bank has a history of supporting health-related initiatives, including previous blood donation drives and various health campaigns.

The NBTS representative, Fatuma Mjungu, expressed gratitude for Exim Bank’s contributions, saying, “We deeply appreciate Exim Bank’s unwavering support for this life-saving initiative. Their dedication to community health and well-being is clearly demonstrated through their active involvement in the blood donation drive. With their support, we can ensure our health facilities are well-equipped to handle emergencies and provide essential care.”

In Tanzania, the blood donation status reveals a significant shortfall in meeting the national demand for blood. According to Ministry of Health data from 2020, the country requires approximately 540,000 units of blood annually to adequately support its population of 54 million.

However, in 2016, only less than 200,000 units were collected, leading to a shortage of more than 300,000 units. Additionally, about 15% of the collected blood was deemed unusable due to various reasons, further exacerbating the shortage.

This year’s blood donation drive extends the collaborative efforts seen in previous initiatives, including the recent tree planting and blood donation events held during last month’s World Red Cross Day celebrations in Dodoma. This was done in collaboration with NBTS and Tanzania Red Cross Services (TRCS).

The bank’s unrelenting support for government development initiatives spans across health, education, financial inclusion, and women empowerment. Their longstanding commitment has driven significant improvements in these critical areas, demonstrating a robust dedication to fostering holistic community development.

As Exim Bank continues to champion such vital causes, they play a pivotal role in shaping a healthier, more inclusive, and empowered Tanzania. This blood donation drive is just one of the many ways Exim Bank contributes to the nation’s progress, reinforcing their status as a cornerstone of community support and development.

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