Airtel connects Dar-Pretoria via fibre cable

TANZANIA: AIRTEL Telesonic has successfully activated the 2Africa submarine cable system, signifying a milestone in enhancing connectivity across the continent.

The initial phase of activation connects three countries of Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa, signalling a new era of highspeed, reliable internet access.

The company with its presence in 14 countries in Africa achieved the milestone through a partnership with Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN), an industry that offers turn-key solutions in utilising the latest technology, both in subsea infrastructure and transmission capacity.

“The activation of the 2Africa submarine cable is a monumental step in our mission to bridge the digital divide in Africa,” said Mr Prasanta Das Sarma, Airtel Telesonic Chief Executive Officer.

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He said the cable system is powered by the latest Submarine Line Terminal Equipment (SLTE) equipment and the project not only underscores the telco’s commitment to investing in advanced infrastructure but also to empower communities with tools to thrive in the digital age.

“This is a significant milestone underscoring the power of collaboration and innovation to bring the world’s longest Submarine cable system to Africa,” he added.

Additionally, the 2Africa cable system is one of the largest subsea projects globally, designed to interconnect Africa, Europe and Asia. 2Africa is a 45000 kilometres subsea cable system and the largest cable project in the world that will facilitate communications for over 3 billion people.

The cable activation is part of a broader initiative to deliver faster and more resilient internet services, supporting the digital transformation across Africa.

ASN’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Mr Paul Gabla said the milestone highlights the strength of innovation in bringing advanced connectivity solutions to Africa through partnering with Airtel.

The 2Africa submarine cable is set to transform the digital landscape in the continent, providing unprecedented opportunities for connectivity and growth.

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