60TH REVOLUTION ANNIVERSERY: Z’bar boasts of great strides

ZANZIBAR: MASSIVE government reforms in improvement of business environment have attracted 296 investment projects valued at 4.5 billion US dollars (about 12tri/-) in Zanzibar, President Hussein Mwinyi announced here last night.

The registered projects, thanks to good services under Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority’s (ZIPA) one-stop-centre, have the potential of creating 17,479 jobs for the islanders.

“The revolutionary government continues taking strategic measures to attract more investors…we still have many investment opportunities in the Mangapwani integrated port and construction of key infrastructure like roads, water and electricity,” Dr Mwinyi said in his national address to commemorate the climax of 60th revolution anniversary.

President Mwinyi said the registered projects include 16 investors in 16 islets, with total capital of 377.5 million US dollars (over 950bn/-), construction of 112 tourist hotels, 36 industries, 56 real estate and other economic projects.

Dr Mwinyi, in his 30-page speech, said the government has opened up for high earned but environmental conscious tourism investments under the national drive to transform the country, economically.

He said the business sector in the Islands has grown drastically, thanks to the government strategic measures to create friendly business environment in the country.

“As we celebrate 60 years of revolutions and three years of the eighth-phase government; the business sector has recorded massive improvements. Zanzibar’s trade volume reached 1.4tri/- in 2022 as compared to 913bn- in 2020,” the President said.

He said the country’s exports increased to 180bn/- in 2022, an increase of 174.7 per cent from 66.7bn- exports in 2020.

Clove exports, the country’s main foreign currency earner, rose to 6,452 tons worth over 118bn/- from 3,506.8 tons worth over 38bn/– over the period under review.

The President said the fishing sector and oceanic products were among the less prioritised sectors prior to the January 12, 1964 revolutions. But, through the revolutionary government initiatives to develop the sector, contribution of the fishery sector to gross domestic product rose to 6.32 per cent in 2023.

He said the eighth-phase administration through implementation of the blue economy policy has accelerated growth in fishing and seaweed farming, with obvious outcomes.

Fish catches for instance increased from 38,107 tons worth 205bn/- in 2020 to 80,085 tons worthy 569bn/- last year while 10,695 tons of sardines valued at 39.1bn/- was exported in 2023 as compared to 3,500 tons worthy 12.3bn/- in 2020.

President Mwinyi described transport infrastructure as key to social and economic development, saying in 60 years of the revolutions various efforts were made to construct roads and airports to improve land and air transport services.

He said the eighth-phase government has embarked on construction of 103.5 kilometres of trunk roads; 275 kilometres of feeder roads in urban and rural areas; and 100 kilometres of urban roads. The government is also constructing two flyovers in Zanzibar city.

The President said massive transformations in the country’s airports have enabled Zanzibar Airports Authority (ZAA) to almost triple revenues from 11.6bn/- in 2019/2020 fiscal year to 29.3bn/- in 2022/2023. The number of passengers has as well increased from 1,609,235 in 2019 to 1,904,459 last year.

Dr Mwinyi said great achievements were recorded in almost all social sectors, citing education, health, water and electricity. The government budget on education increased by 72 per cent from 265.5bn/- in 2021/2022 to the current 457.2bn/-.

He implored all islanders to unite and embrace peace and harmony for a prosperous future, saying the government is determined to work hard towards ensuring decent lives for all Zanzibaris.

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