Z’bar VP hypes secretaries, record managers’ role

SECOND Vice-President, Hemed Suleiman Abdulla has stressed the need for government leaders, heads of departments and institutions to take care and respect personal secretaries and record managers due to their crucial role in keeping classified information.

The VP made the remark in Fumba Town, Zanzibar on Saturday, during the official closing of the Tanzania Personal Secretaries Association (TAPSEA) and Tanzania Records and Archives Management Professionals Association (TRAMPA) meeting.

Mr Abdulla said that leaders are supposed to be just   to the professionals so that they can execute their duties effectively.

“The two cadres are crucial and I believe that they are well trained, therefore you should take care of them… we are supposed to take care of you before you keep these records,”.

“I would like to call upon all leaders to be just to these professionals, we should fulfill our responsibilities to them and they will also do the same to us,” he insisted.

The VP said that the professionals have taken oath before President Samia Suluhu Hassan thus leaders should support them so that they can effectively fulfill their responsibilities

Minister of State in the President’s Office (Public Service Management and Good Governance, Mr George Simbachawene said that the two cadres are crucial in public service, therefore leaders should respect them.

“Our safety in offices, the knowledge we use to execute our duties and sometimes when we are nervous they are the ones who calm us down, they are doing a huge task, the same applies to record managers, they ensure our safety by keeping  classified information,” he said.

On his part, State Minister, President’s Office (Constitution, Public Service and Good Governance) Mr Haroun Ali Suleiman, said he is the one who gave the idea for the two cadres to take oath of confidentiality because they know many confidential information for ministries, departments and government institutions.

TRAMPA Chairperson, Devotha Mrope informed President Samia that it is their wish that records managers should have their own independent departments in government institutions because lack of such offices have been among the causes for leakage of government information because they are being supervised by people who are not professionals.

“Most of us here have bachelor degrees in record keeping, they are in good position to manage information and protect them,” she said.

TAPSEA Chairperson, Zuhura Maganga said that some employers do not allow them to attend such meetings, calling upon the government to help them in addressing such concern.

The TRAMPA and TAPSEA meeting was opened on Monday by Zanzibar President Dr Hussein Mwinyi. A week long session included training members on integrity, discipline, human rights, proper keeping of records and office confidentiality, among others.

On his part, Urban West Regional Commissioner, Mr Idrisa Kitwana Mustafa commended Dr Samia, TAPSEA and TRAMPA leaders for choosing his region to hold the meeting.

“It was a good week for all food vendors, hotels, transporters and traders who had enough customers, and even residents loved to see their colleagues from the mainland. The function has strengthened the union and we hope it will not be the end,” Mr Mustafa said, to the amusement of participants.

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