Z’bar throws weight in improving 5G communications system

ZANZIBAR: DEPUTY Minister for Infrastructure, Communications and Transport, Mr Nadir Abdul-tif Yussuf told members of House of Representatives yesterday that, through improved communication network, the government is looking forward to improving tourism sector and boosting digital economy in the isles.

“We have been instituting different measures to improve communication networks in Zanzibar to enhance the growing business, tourism and conferences.

We need to facilitate access to internet and conducive networks in implementing our projects,” said the deputy minister.

He was responding to some concerns raised by members of the House of Representatives over poor communication network in some areas of Zanzibar, asking the government to improve in minimising complaints from people.

“Fortunately, we have ongoing projects to improve communications in the country which also include fixing towers and upgrading the system to 5G.

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Some of the areas such as Welezo, Bububu, Mechenzani, Mbweni, Vikokotoni, Forodhani, Migombani, Amani, and Stone Town are already with better telecommunication systems.

Other areas with 5G connections are Kijitoupele, Chukwani, Paje, Nungwi, Chake Kake, Tungu and Kendwa).

He said the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar believes the improved network communication will pave the way for digital economy and efficiency in tax collection.

The Deputy Minister also said that his ministry through the Zanzibar ICT Infrastructure Agency has been improving connection in public institutions and that a total of 329 government centers and public offices including schools and hospitals have been connected to reliable networks as the country moves towards having e-education and e-health.

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