Z’bar hotel renovates police building

ZANZIBAR: ZANZIBAR Urban West Regional Police Commander, Assistant Commissioner (ACP) Richard Thadei Mchomvu has lauded Sea Cliff Resort for supporting the renovation of its building and infrastructure in the region.

The RPC has also called on other companies and institutions to support the renovation of other regional Police stations.

He said private and government institutions have a role to play in maintaining the country’s security and peace.

ACP Mchomvu’s remarks follows the renovation works done by Sea Cliff Resort and Spa Zanzibar management including painting the Bububu Police Post of Urban West region early this week.

He said several Police buildings are dilapidated because they have been used for a long time.

“It is vital for stakeholders to cooperate with the government in achieving the country’s development agenda by maintaining peace and security,” he said.

He complimented the hotel for volunteering and facilitating the painting of Bububu Police station which has developed close ties with the people who come to seek the station’s services.

The Marketing Manager of the hotel, Japhet Goma said they supported the renovation of Bububu station as the hotel’s commitment to compliment the government efforts in maintaining peace and security in the region.

“The police force is doing a commendable job in maintaining peace and harmony, we rely on them to ensure the safety of the public and visitors,” he added.

Adding, he said what has been done by hotels is just the beginning as they intend to continue supporting it in any other means so as to serve society and maintain peace as people rely on the force for security and peace perspectives.

Monica Leonard Mgaye, the hotel’s Assistant General Manager said when the environment in police stations is attractive, it will help tourists to see a presentable environment that creates a good image of the country.

Christina Njunwa, Recruitment Manager at the hotel said that they usually return to the community that contributes to the development of the hotel.

She said they have supported the efforts by the government to create a better environment for employees and the public in general who benefit from Police services.

At the same time, he asked other development stakeholders to give priority to the security sector, so that the public and the visitors arriving in Zanzibar continue to enjoy the services provided by Police stations.

The hotel management pledged to continue giving weight to critical areas relating to the provision of social services among the public including environmental management.

Recently, the hotel also conducted cleanliness of drainage systems in Kama Village of Unguja West A District.

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