Z’bar fuel prices remain stable

FUEL prices in Zanzibar remained  stable for the past three months following  measures taken by the government to provide subsidies  to cushion Zanzibaris against the impact of the increasing petroleum prices  in the world market.

THE Zanzibar Water and Energy Regulatory Authority (ZURA) has announced new fuel prices for September/October as it remains the same because the government continues issuing subsidies per month since June to reduce the impact of increasing petroleum prices globally.

According to ZURA the prices for kerosene, petrol and diesel, for the past three months have remained the same while jet fuel price has dropped from 3,147/- in August to 2,681/- in September, a difference of 466/- which is equivalent to 15 percent.

ZURA Public Relations Mr Mbarak Hassan said that the fuel prices for September/October have remained the same as petrol is sold at 2,980/- per litre, diesel at 2,990/- and kerosene is 2,921/-.

He informed that for the last three months from June to August, the government has compensated a total of 13.7bn/- which include 2.4bn/- in June, 2.6bn/- in July and 8.7bn/-, in August.

The manager pointed out that  the fuel prices being set by  ZURA  has taken into consideration various factors, including the average trend of oil price changes and the cost of importing/ferrying oil from the port of Dar es Salaam and Tanga.

Other factors are the value of the Tanzanian shilling against the US dollar, insurance, government taxes and the average rate of profit for wholesalers and retailers.

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