Zanzibaris implored to increase agricultural production

ZANZIBARIS were on Wednesday implored to increase agricultural production to attract industrial investments in the processing of agricultural produce.

Trade and Industrial Development Minister Omar Said Shaaban told the House of Representatives that currently Zanzibar has 37 industries that process agricultural produce. Three of the industries are classified as large while 10 and 24 are medium and small, respectively.

Answering a question by Mwanakwerekwe Representative Ameir Abdalla Ameir, who wanted to know the number of agriculture-based industries in the country, Minister Omar said increased production of raw materials will attract more investors and create jobs for the islanders.

He told the house that the government is committed to the industrial economy through creation of conducive environment for potential investors.

“The government is aggressively marketing available opportunities for potential agri-processing investors,” the minister told the house, citing seaweed, fruit, vegetable and spice processing as virgin opportunities that yearn for investors.

The government is also training small entrepreneurs on agricultural processing to boost small industries in the islands, said Minister Omar.

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