Zanzibar Tourism Commission prohibits turning beaches into markets

ZANZIBAR: THE Zanzibar Tourism Commission (ZTC) has warned petty traders and other members of the business community against setting up temporary or permanent shops at beaches.

The ZTC stated that such tendency is not allowed because it causes inconveniences to tourists who like to use the beaches for leisure.

“We have many visitors including tourists from abroad who visit Zanzibar just to enjoy walking, siting, sun breathing, or just enjoying the fresh breeze at the beaches, let us not create unfriendly environment for them by setting up unauthorized structures to sell commodities,” ZTC executive director Hafsa Mbamba emphasized.

She spoke after leading her team that visited some of the beaches in the Unguja North Region where there have been repeated complaints from some tourists against filthiness, petty traders, and beach boys who cause inconveniences to foreigners who visit beaches.

The ZTC officers visited beaches of Kendwa and Nungwi, where they found many traders who have set-up permanent businesses in unauthorized areas.

She ordered the closing down of all unauthorized shops and business centres at all beaches.

Ms Hafsa explained that the purpose of the exercise is to ensure that all beaches are clean and business people follow the established procedures as well as helping the Government in promoting Tourism.

“We have done this inspection visit to beaches to ensure that our beaches are clean, business people to follow all the procedures that have been put in place for a person to do business, including having special permits that allow him to do that business as well as helping the Government in promoting tourism,” she said.

She said her office has been collaborating with various public and private sectors including Municipalities, environment, and the land department in the inspection, to ensure that the growth of tourism in Zanzibar is sustainable.

In addition, she said that the petty traders removed from unauthorized beaches will be given surveyed areas through the Municipality and the local community leaders.

The Tourism Management and Coordination officer from the commission Mr Adil Fauz George said it is stipulated in the regulations that any business or trade is not allowed within 30 metres from the beach.

One of the Beach Traders Saidi Abdallah said removing petty traders from the beaches was a good move to keep the good appearance of the beaches.

“Although most of those who do business at the beaches are looking for buyers who are foreign tourists, we must protect the beaches,” he said.

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