Zanzibar Revolution @ 60:  SUZA to honour its founders

ZANZIBAR: THE State University of Zanzibar (SUZA) is preparing a special event to honour leaders and experts who contributed to the establishment of the institution as part of the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Zanzibar Revolution.

SUZA Vice-Chancellor Prof Muhammed Makame Haji said the planned special events will be among THE activities of the university to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Zanzibar Revolution, and that it will include awards to the founding leaders.

He said that one of the awards will be given to the retired President of the sixth phase government of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar Dr Salmin Amour Juma who assented the law (No.8/1999) to establish the university.

“Another award will be given to the Retired President of the 7th phase of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar, Dr Amani Abeid Karume, for continuing with establishing the university, and becoming the first Chancellor of the University,” said Mr Mohammed explain.

Prof Makame mentioned other leaders to be recognized during the 60th anniversary of the Zanzibar Revolution as Mr Haroun Ali Suleiman (current Minister), Mr Omar Ramadhan Mapuri (current commissioner NEC), Dr Abdulhamid Yahya Mzee (retired Chief Secretary Zanzibar), Dr Saleh Idrisa Muhammed (chairman of the executive committee for the establishment of SUZA).

The list also includes Dr Said Gharib Bilali, Dr Bishara Theneyan Muhammed, Dr Ibrahim Said Rashid, the late Ahmed Muhammed Abdulrahman, Prof Abdul Sheriff, Prof. Ali Said Mshimba, the late Prof Haroub Othman, and Prof Geoffrey Rafael Vehaeli Mmari as well as giving special recognition to the prominent business man Mr Said Salim Bakharesa for his contribution to the development of SUZA.

Meanwhile SUZA’s 19th graduation is scheduled for today (December 22) where a total of 2,102 graduates including 873 men will be awarded certificates of diplomas, degrees, master’s degrees and honorary doctorate degrees.

Prof Muhammed informed that 367 students will be awarded certificates, 43 PhDs and one honorary degree for one female person.

“To celebrate the 60th anniversary, we have also organized a two-day exhibition, next month, to display innovations and research done by our students, as well as unveil ‘KIGODA Cha Karume’ (or three-legged stool for Karume) to mark the 52nd anniversary of late Karume death. It will be used to educate people about the work done by the founding father of Zanzibar.

Speaking about the future plans of the University from next financial year (2024/2025), Prof Muhammed said the university will continue to develop various activities, including reviewing its curriculum including sports and education courses.

Other plans are to introduce competency courses, maintain administrative buildings, computers, science labs, libraries, staff houses, parking lots, and to publish Kiswahili books and magazines.

In addition, Prof Muhammed mentioned other plans including developing guidelines for biology and physics laboratories as well as buying equipment for chemistry and biology laboratories.

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