Zanzibar Revolution @60: Mwinyi reassures youth of support

ZANZIBAR: CHAMA Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) national Vice Chairperson (Zanzibar), Dr Hussein Mwinyi has reiterated the government commitment to continue creating conducive environment in support of youth development.

He said that most youth in the country can now access loans for education and business start-ups and various income generating opportunities, urging them to make the best use of the opportunities.

Dr Mwinyi said this in his speech delivered at Makombeni grounds in Pemba South Region, during the launch of ‘Mapinduzi Walk’ organised by the Chama Cha Mapinduzi Youth Wing (UVCCM) to mark the 60th anniversary of the 1964 Zanzibar Revolution.

The speech was read by the Zanzibar Second Vice-President Hemed Suleiman Abdulla, on behalf of Dr Mwinyi. The walk is in line with the ideas and philosophies of the founders of the Revolution.

“Young people should use the walk to advocate and promote good things done by the country’s leaders, which is to bring development to all citizens without any type of discrimination, and that Mapinduzi heroes eliminated discrimination through revolution,” he said.

Dr Mwinyi also reminded the youth that they have a great role in supporting the fight against corruption, waste of public assets, abuse of children/women and illicit drugs, so that the country can move forward smoothly.

Mwinyi appealed to the supervisors of the walk and the youth in general to maintain good behaviour and work harder in order to achieve the objectives of the walk and the youth wing.

Speaking about the ongoing voters’ registration for the upcoming elections, Dr Mwinyi urged the youth who qualify to turn up in big numbers to register before it is too late, for the 2025 elections.

The Youth Wing National Chairman, Mr Mohamed Ali Mohamed said that in the 60 years of Revolution, Zanzibar has moved forward in   terms of development, “With the eighth phase government of Zanzibar, and the sixth phase government in the Union government, the country is on the right path towards development.”

Mr Mohamed informed the youth that the ‘Mapinduzi walk’ aims to conserve and honour the glorious Revolution of Zanzibar, and also promote the benefits of the 1964 revolution along with encouraging people to work for the development of our country.

He said that among the objectives of the revolution is to bring development to the people and give youths a chance to be independent and that UVCCM will continue to serve the revolutionary party and safeguard the leaders and campaign for them to win next elections.

Speaking on behalf of the Deputy Secretary General of CCM-Zanzibar, the Ideology and Publicity Secretary (Zanzibar), Mr Khamis Mbeto said that the responsibility of youth wing members is to protect the revolution by honouring and maintaining the philosophy and ideas of its founders who sacrificed themselves for ‘Zanzibaris.’

The Regional Commissioner (RC) for Pemba South, Mr Matar Zahor Maoud said that through the glorious revolution of 1964, Zanzibar has achieved great progress being brought by the current and previous leaders.

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