Zanzibar plans rewards for teachers

ZANZIBAR government is planning to reward teachers whose students will perform well in the national examinations.

The plan is part of efforts to motivate teachers of public schools to work harder to enable students excel in education standards and ultimately attain upper marks in their examinations.

“We should also reward teachers of schools that have performed well, this will motivate them to work harder in teaching students,” said Zanzibar President Dr Hussein Mwinyi when awarding best students in Pemba.

Dr Mwinyi handed over laptops and shared lunch together with Form IV and Form VI students who scored first division in last and this year’s national examinations respectively. The event was held at Tibirinzi Hall, Chakechake, Pemba.

He explained about extending rewards to teachers because of their great work in teaching students.

“The government also remains committed to improving infrastructure in all schools, including modern buildings, laboratories and employ more teachers, especially in science subjects,” Dr Mwinyi said.

He was of the view that enough buildings would help the Isles to have enough classrooms, thus help schools have only morning shifts to allow children attend evening private studies and religious classes.

“Double shifts deny children to attend extra classes and religious classes that are important in building children to become good citizens,” he noted.

Rewarding best students in Zanzibar and having lunch with them was introduced by retired President Dr Ali Mohamed Shein and inherited by Dr Mwinyi, who said that the practice has impacted students’ performance positively.

“We witness increasing admirable performance in schools,” Dr Mwinyi said.

He noted that his government’s ambition is to end division zero as the Zanzibar Deputy minister for Education and Vocational Training, Mr Ali Abdulghulam Hussein said they are happy with increasing good performance in schools.

He noted that his ministry has increased pass rate for secondary school students from 4.6 per cent in 2021 to 26 per cent this year, a situation he branded a great success in the education sector, linking it to the incentives provided by the government’.

Speaking at the event, the famous businessman in Zanzibar, Mr Said Bopar who contributed funds for the rewards, commended Dr Mwinyi’s Zanzibar Government for efforts to improve social services in the country, including health and education sectors.

He said the motivation given to students is crucial for encouraging more of them to study hard and perform well in their exams.

Some 150 laptops were presented to students who scored division I in Pemba, and some of the beneficiaries, Hajra Khamis Ali, Haitham Omar Abdallah, and Salum Ahmed Nassor thanked the president and sponsors for the rewards.

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