Zanzibar legislators want assessment of water projects

AS water shortage continues in many constituencies, some legislators have asked the government to assess water projects carried out for the past two decades, to find out why the problem persist.

“We have been implementing multiple million projects since the fifth phase government under President Dr Salmin Amour, followed by sixth phase (Dr Amani Karume), seventh phase (Dr Ali Mohamed Shein) and now the eighth phase (Dr Hussein Mwinyi), but availability of water is still a problem,” said Mr Haji Omar Kheir (Tumbatu).

Debating the House of Representatives Standing Committee for Social Welfare report, Mr Kheir said that it is high time to evaluate the water projects because a lot of funds have been injected, but the results are not good.

During the debate, the legislators argued that probably many projects lacked close supervision, leading to delays, failure or lack of water.

“We need actions so that the ongoing projects materialize,” Mr Kheri said.

The Minister of Water, Energy and Minerals Mr Shaibu Kaduara re-assured the members of the house that the water challenge will end soon.

“The government is fully committed to end water problems in the Islands. We are already on track to success; we call for patience,” he said.

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