‘Zanzibar fully committed to climate change adaptation, mitigation’

THE state minister in First Vice President Office (Environment, HIV/AIDS, People with disabilities) Ms Harusi Said Suleiman, has informed the House of Representatives that the government through her office has been taking multiple measures to mitigate and adapt climate change.

Climate change mainstreaming in vision 2050 and the African Union 2063 agenda; planting trees, including mangroves to minimise salination and floods caused by sea rise; construction of barriers at the beaches; increased public awareness and economic empowerment are some of the measures she mentioned.

Ms Suleiman said the impact of climate change is real particularly in small islands like Zanzibar, necessitating concerted efforts in adaptation and mitigation including avoiding polluting the environment and cutting down trees.

Some of the backbenchers cautioned the government that there are many areas including farming areas being washed away and salinated by rising sea water, a threat even on homes and houses near beaches. Statistics were not revealed.

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