Zanzibar eyes own ‘Personal Data Protection’ law

ALTHOUGH the Personal Data Protection Act of 2022, No. 11 which was enacted and passed by the Union Parliament applies in Zanzibar as well, some activists are lobbying the government so that the Isles can have its own law regarding data protection.

Mr Mussa Kombo from the Law Reforms Commission of Zanzibar’ said here during an engagement with stakeholders including NGOs and journalists that a baseline survey conducted indicated that Zanzibar requires to have its ‘personal data protection law.”

The legislation confers rights on individuals in relation to the privacy of their personal data as well as responsibilities on those persons holding and processing such data.

The survey and other ongoing activities on personal data protection is funded by the ‘Freedom House and Pact Tanzania organisations’ under the Data Driven Advocacy (DDA) project

Mr Kombo said more people would be reached to give their views, “So that we come-up with the best law in data protection,” he said, adding that his office has already written a draft of what should be considered in the law.

“The aim of the Data Protection and Privacy Law project is to support the process for establishment of the Zanzibar Data Privacy and Protection Law to protect citizens’ information while enhancing citizens’ right to privacy and personal security as stated on Article 15 of the Zanzibar Constitution,” he said

Mr Khamis Ali Jaku from the Commission for Human Rights and Good Governance said having personal data protection law also meets the national 2050 vision and that it is important as regards to observing human rights in the country.

Mr Ali Shaaban from Centre for Youth Dialogue (CYD) which has been facilitating the data protection project in Zanzibar, encouraged people in Zanzibar and other stakeholders to give their views on how Zanzibar can have the best law in personal data protection.

He said that during the survey, most of the stakeholders were reached, including the police and immigration officials among others, who responded positively, pressing for the need to have the data protection law in Zanzibar, mainly in areas that are specifically for Zanzibar.

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