Zanzibar eyes all types of tourism- Simai

ZANZIBAR: THE Minister of Tourism and Heritage, Mr Simai Mohamed Said has revealed that the Zanzibar government has set up a strategy to promote different types of tourism to attract high-class tourists in large numbers.

“Leisure tourism is famous, but Zanzibar is now promoting ecotourism, cultural tourism, and conference tourism, in addition to the current historical sites,” he pointed out.

The minister made the remarks during the inauguration ceremony for the construction of a new tourist hotel at Pongwe. The event marked the 60th anniversary of the Zanzibar Revolution whose celebrations will climax on Friday.

He explained that there are many tourists who prefer to stay in hotels with a natural environment at any cost, as he encouraged investors to construct hotels in green or conserved natural environments.

Mr Simai pointed out that the owners of the Pongwe hotel project have experience of working in different countries, “They should ensure the new hotel meets the requirement to attract tourists interested in nature.”

The Deputy Principal Secretary (PS)- Ministry of State- President’s Office (Labour, Economy and Investments) Mr Khatib Mwadini Khatib said that the project should also benefit natives by providing them with employment.

Zanzibar Investments Promotion Authority (ZIPA)’s Human Resource Director, Yahya Vuai said a total of 95 investment projects have been registered in the southern region.

He said that a total the cost of the construction of the new hotel is expected to cost US 100 million dollars, and will create 300 jobs.

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