Zanzibar, Chinese institutions sign partnership agreements

ZANZIBAR: SEVERAL institutions from China, including the Weihai City and Shandong Province, have signed Memorandum of Understandings (MoU) with Zanzibar City and some Isles’ ministries for capacity building, trade and other areas of development between the two countries.

Zanzibar Minister for Labour, Economy and Investments, Mr Mudrik Ramadhan Soraga, said this after the signing ceremony held here in Zanzibar.

He said the Zanzibar has been taking different measures to improve climate for trade and investment.

“We welcome companies from China and from other parts of the World,” he stated.

Mr Sharif Ali Sharif, the Executive Director of the Zanzibar Investments Promotion Authority (ZIPA) said many companies and institutions from different countries were eying Zanzibar because of the conducive environment for businesses.

Among other agreements, the signed MoU signed between ‘Zanzibar ministry of trade and industries development and Weihai Wendeng District Bureau of Commerce of China, aims to establish cooperation framework for the promotion and facilitation of trade and economic activities between Shandong province of China and Zanzibar, as well as to strengthen bilateral relations.

The documents were signed by the Principal Secretary (PS)- Ministry of Trade and Industrial development, Mr Ali Khamis Juma and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Weihai Wendeng District Bureau of Commerce of China, Mr Sun Hai Jim.

The MoU between Zanzibar ministry of land and housing, and Weihai Huatan Company Limited in China is on ‘financing and construction of housing projects. The agreement was signed by the Ministry’s PS Dr Mugereza Mzee and Company’s Chief Executive Officer Sun Yongwei.

Another MoU that was signed by the Acting PS of the Ministry of Health and the Chinese CNTIC-MEHECO CONSORTIUM was for the ‘digital primary health care capacity improvement project.

Furthermore, the MoU for the establishment of friendly and cooperative city relations between Wendeng district, Weihai city, and Shandong province of China, and Zanzibar city was also signed between the Mayor of Zanzibar City Mr Mahmoud Mohamed Mussa and the delegation leader Mr Qiao Xinyue who is also the Secretary of the Wendeng District committee.

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