Zanzibar celebrates ‘Customer service week’ for the first time with promise to improve services delivery

ZANZIBAR: ZANZIBAR Commission for Tourism (ZCT) has for the first time ever joined other nations to celebrate ‘Customer service Week’, an opportunity authorities used to push service providers in the tourism industry to improve delivery.

Customer Service Week (CSW) is celebrated annually during the first full week in October, and for the services providers in Zanzibar marked it on Thursday (October 5, 2023) by gathering at the ZCT offices, Amani in Unguja urban District.

The ZCT Executive Secretary Ms Hafsa Hassan Mbamba said the gathering that brought together some of the service providers in the tourism industry was important in discussing challenges and success in services delivery.

“We need to maintain and attract more customers to our services. Let us be innovative to make Zanzibar a priority for visitors and tourists, because of better services,” said Ma Mbamba as she thanked participants who turned-up to celebrate.

The official 2023 Customer Service Week theme is ‘Team Service,’ and “it is an important reminder that no matter where frontline reps are working, what their job titles are, or how they serve customers, everyone is on the same team.”

“This year ZCT would like to acknowledge and celebrate the ‘hard work, dedication, and unwavering commitment of all the individuals and organizations who play a pivotal role in our tourism industry’s success,” Executive Secretary said.

She said “It is our opportunity to honor those who consistently go above and beyond in delivering exceptional customer service experiences, leaving tourists with unforgettable memories.”

Ms Mbamba told participants that the highlight of this year’s CSW was also used to recognize and honor the outstanding contributions made by tourism stakeholders who have consistently demonstrated excellence in customer service, “We believe that your organization exemplifies these qualities and is deserving of this prestigious recognition.”

The ZCT Public Relations Officer Ms Akh-lam Othman Abdalla mentioned the recognized services providers with categories in bracket as: Blue Bay Company Limited – Kiwengwa (Hotel); Paradise Village Limited -Oxygen Restaurant, Paje (restaurant); Harringford Znz LTD – Safari Blue (Marine activities); and Cinnamon Spa & Saloon – Shangani (SPA).

Others are Dada Enterprises Limited- Memories of Zanzibar(boutique); Golden Tulip Airport Hotel (conference facilities); Z Hotel -Znz Horse Club, Kiwengwa (recreation); Nasaha Consultant (destination management organization); Sun Tours & Travel LTD (tour company); and Khalfan Said Suleiman (tour guide).

She said “In today’s event we would like to acknowledge different customers from different categories from which ZCT serves. Each participant has been chosen according to the dedication of following the rules and regulations which are stated by the Zanzibar Commission for Tourism, tourism act of 2012.”

During the gathering, stakeholders in the tourism industry were reminded that the global tourism sector has undergone profound transformations over the past years, “In the face of environmental challenges, growing awareness of sustainability, and the imperative to protect our planet, we recognize the need for a paradigm shift. It is no longer enough to focus solely on profits; we must prioritize responsible and sustainable practices in the tourism sector.”

As the regulator of tourism industry in Zanzibar, we are fully committed to this change, Ms Abdalla pledged that ZCT puts emphasis on ‘Sustainable Food from Sea and Land; Sustainable Waste Management; Space for Nature and Restoring Ecosystems; Support Local Zanzibar Culture, Knowledge and Expertise; and reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions in our Operations.

She further confirmed “Let us reaffirm our collective commitment to sustainable tourism by working together in our Campaign for “Greener Zanzibar”. Together, we can build a brighter, greener, and more responsible future for Zanzibar. It is through our collaboration and dedication that we can make a real difference.”

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