Youth urged to apply innovative mind for nation’s development

DAR ES SALAAM: CHIEF Executive Officer of Weigh Measurement Agency (WMA), Ms Stella Kahwa, has called for innovative youth to put classroom theories into practice and discover various new technologies that will boost the country’s economic growth.

She made the remarks yesterday in Dar es Salaam during the College of Business Education (CBE) 58th graduation ceremony that was held yesterday at the Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre (JNICC) in Dar es Salaam.

“I have visited your exhibitions, I have seen various innovations and even entrepreneurs who have gone through the incubation program, they have been able to package their products so professionally. For sure I was very surprised to see such standards and they have reached international standards,” she said.

She praised the college for introducing incubation and apprenticeship program that has enabled students to study in practice and break the boundaries of theory by doing research projects in practice.

The CBE Rector, Professor Edda Lwoga said the institution will from next year start teaching some of its courses through online to enable more people to take business programmes.

She said CBE has been collaborating with various institutions to ensure they provide the best graduates and they have signed a contract with the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS), WMA and (e-Government) in order to run apprenticeship and internship programs.

She said CBE has continued to strengthen relations with foreign colleges and currently eight employees of the college are studying Doctorate Degrees (PhD) in China on business informatics and accounting.

She also said that the college has a good relationship with the Eastern University of Finland where they have been producing professionals in the field of business and five teachers have already graduated PhD level and others are continuing their studies.

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