Youth encouraged to actively engage in development activities

DAR ES SALAAM: YOUTH in the country have been encouraged to be open minded and actively engage themselves in development activities.

They have also been challenged to understand how the World’s systems work so that theycan progress.

The call was made by former Executive Director of UN-HABITAT Professor Anna Tibaijuka at the debate organized by the University of Dar es Salaam Academic Staff Assembly (UDASA) on the reflection of 62 years of independence.

Prof. Tibaijuka, who is an expert in economics said that the World has changed, young people should be educated and be inquisitive, so that they can develop the nation.

“You have to be inquisitive about things to be able to do a good job like what Mwalimu Julius Nyerere and his young colleagues did in their time,” said the former cabinet minister.

Discussing the concept of ‘freedom we sought and the freedom we have now’, Prof Tibaijuka said that in 62 years of independence, a lot of work has been done to seek development and it has been found in many areas but there is still work to be done.

“Within 62 years, a lot of work has been done to bring about development, but we still have a long way to go, and today’s youth are the ones who have that responsibility. They must organise themselves, build arguments and know the systems of the world that are changing very fast,” said Prof. Tibaijuka.

She also said that agriculture was the main sector for economic development, so young people must plan to look at opportunities in the country and abroad which held to develop the sector.

On his part, a Tanzanian author, academic, and an expert on law and development issues Professor Issa Shivji, who contributed the role of academics in national development and academic freedom, congratulated UDASA for restarting such discussions.

He said the concept of development and freedom was important and was built by developing debates; thus, if there are no debates, the nation cannot develop ideas or thoughts that enable academics to analyse things.

“Debates are very important in all universities. UDSM received great respect because it was the centre of domestic and foreign debates,” said Prof. Shivji.

He said that it was a good start that will restore the hope of professionals and also give the opinion that the discussions should be sustainable.

“It is not usual for a person to fulfill his duty and I praised him, but for this UDASA you deserve congratulations for restoring the dialogues,” Prof. Shivji commended.

He said that academics were responsible to the public so they should have the courage to defend their professions because their arguments and discussion have been researched.

“Academicians should have the courage to stand up for professionalism since you are responsible to the public and not to politicians,” added Prof. Shivji.

Contributing to the debate, Dr Ananilea Nkya called on universities and academicians to speak out without fear so that can help the nation.

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