Young bankers trained on digital applications

THE Tanzania Institute of Bankers (TIOB) recently concluded its first-ever ‘Bankers Challenge 2023’ through which it managed to build capacity among 80 young Tanzanian bankers over digital applications in banking operations.

Participants were drawn from 15 different banks, commercial, cooperative and microfinance.

“The six-week challenge enabled the participants to know risk indicators and make the right decisions for protecting customers’ deposits and banks’ profits,” stated Mr Patrick Mususa, the TIOB Executive Director.

According to Mr Mususa, the challenge was organised by the TIOB in collaboration with ICAP Training Solutions. During the challenge, bankers were trained on using digital skills to identify risks.

“Having bankers with capability and knowledge on risk indicators would make a particular bank protect its profits and customers’ deposits. Well-prepared bankers can offer good advice to their customers,” he argued.

Elaborating on the challenge, he said, it was conducted digitally whereby participants logging in to the digital system were given a challenge for them to make the right decisions for good operations of the bank.

ICAP Training Solutions Chief Executive Officer, Mr Yonathan Rom, said the training was intense and witnessed very talented young Tanzanian bankers.

Mr Rom said his institute was pleased to partner with the TIOB in running the challenge, calling upon banks to participate in the challenge.

One of the participants, Mr Said Mbarouk from the Equity Bank, said it was the first time for their bank to take part in the challenge, but was very useful since they learn many new things in technology applications in the banking sector, such as simulation.

Mr Mbarouk was upbeat that the awards from the Bankers Challenge 2023 would have a significant contribution to motivating young bankers.

“I advise more banks to participate to make this event more meaningful in bringing positive changes in the banking sector,” he advised.

Another participant, Ms Anna Teete from Kilimanjaro Cooperative Bank, said the cooperative societies should expect big things in the future after they (bankers) acquired new knowledge from the challenge.

“We are going to impart these skills to cooperatives so that they can control their funds and address financial losses,” Ms Teete stated.

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