YEAR ENDER. 2023: Year to remember in Samia’s appointments

TANZANIA: ON August 30 this year, President Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan surprised the public after re-introducing position of Deputy Prime Minister, after some decades of nonexistence.

Dr Doto Biteko was appointed as the country’s new Deputy Premier, according to a press statement issued by the State House in Dodoma.

He becomes the third person to serve the position in the history of Tanzania after the late Augustino Mrema and Dr Salim Ahmed Salim.

Under this new post Dr Biteko is dealing with coordination of the Government’s businesses.

Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa assured him of his support in coordinating and execution of government activities, when he welcomed him at his office in Magogoni Dar es Salaam.

During the welcoming event, the Premier assured Dr Biteko that the strong team of the PM office will accord him cooperation in execution of his duties.

“The Deputy Prime Minister, we welcome you here in our office and we congratulate you for being trusted by President Samia and given this great responsibility to coordinate government activities … I assure you that you have a strong team,” the PM said.

For his part, Dr Biteko applauded President Samia Suluhu Hassan for trusting him and appointing him to the post.

Following his appointment, what difference is he going to make? Was a topic that people were debating on a variety of discussion podiums, such as social media, in an attempt to gain a feel of, with some asking what unique influence he could make in the role.

Immediately after the appointment, on October 25th last year Dr Biteko urged both local and foreign investors to invest in Tanzania’s mining sector, citing a favourable business environment that guarantees mutual benefit.

It was during the two-day 2023 Tanzania Mining and Investment Forum (TMIF) held in Dar es Salaam and sponsored by AngloGold Ashanti’s Tanzania mining operation, Geita Gold Mine Limited (GGML).

He said that the presence of over 2000 stakeholders from within and outside the country demonstrated the government’s commitment to improving and developing the mining sector for the benefit of all stakeholders.

The government aims to conduct modern research, named “High Resolution Airborne Geophysical Survey,” in all mining areas by 2030.

In the same month, he appealed to development partners to support the government to obtain various geological information of the country’s unsurveyed land so as to identify potential areas with mineral resources.

In mid-November last year, when addressing a rally at Msimbati ward in Mtwara district, Mtwara Region, Dr Biteko directed the Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO) Managing Director Gissima Nyamo-Hanga to fire the Customer Relations Manager of the company and get another competent person to hold the position.

He directed the Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) Managing Director to get rid of the Head of Public Relation and Communication Unit for failure to take up her roles as required.

He said the TANESCO relations manager has been having poor communication with customers, providing unfriendly answers to TANESCO customers who require services, with others calling to seek solutions for electricity crisis.

“It is true that the country is facing electricity crisis and TANESCO has a customer care department where customers call to get services and other requirements over electricity issues, but the manager of the department (Customer Relations Manager) has been having poor communication, providing unpleasant answers to customers who call for services,” he said.

Opening the Tanzania Mining and Investment Forum (TMIF) in Dar es Salaam he said the government envisions conducting geological survey in the many parts of the country by employing a state-of-the-art technology identified as “High Resolution Geophysical Survey.”

“With the information, the government will be able to identify indicators of minerals which can be found underground in the various parts of the country, making possible for a more intensive survey,” he noted

He said information from geological survey would help researchers and investors to focus on the particular key areas, thereby, embarking on detailed mineral exploration at a reduced cost and time.

Earlier in December, the Deputy PM, in collaboration with the Tanzania AIDS Control Commission (TACAIDS), called on various stakeholders involved in the fight against HIV/Aids in the country to ensure that they allocate sufficient resources to the fight against the scourge in the country, instead of heavy reliance on donors.

It was in Morogoro during a special meeting of stakeholders involved in the fight against HIV/Aids in Tanzania under the theme “Strengthening leadership and guidance on ensuring sustainable and efficient multi-sectoral response towards HIV epidemic control” as part of Tanzania’s national commemorations of World AIDS Day, which brought together government leaders, people living with the virus and development stakeholders including Geita Gold Mining Limited (GGML).

He said that despite the various efforts made by the government and stakeholders, HIV/Aids have not yet been controlled, thus, he called on all stakeholders to continue with efforts to implement various interventions aimed at eradicating the disease

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