Yanga: Keep calm, Nabi’s heir on the way

THE management of Young Africans has urged the club’s family  to remain calm as they search for a suitable replacement for departed Coach Nasreddine Nabi, pledging to bring another competitive trainer.

Yanga parted ways with the Tunisian trainer a few days after helping them to clinch the Azam Sports Federation Cup (ASFC) title, which gave birth to a treble package of domestic trophies won in the elapsed season.

Aside from a treble, the Jangwani-based side marched on to the finals of the CAF Confederation Cup, the first time they reached that far in the competition under the navigation of the departed Nabi.

However, on his Instagram page, the club’s Vice President Arafat Haji called on the supporters to keep calm, saying they are on the ground searching for Nabi’s successor.

“We thank him for his achievements for our club; he has given us an extensive reputation of winning three domestic titles in two consecutive years.

“Coming and leaving is part of football life…Nabi came and has since departed just like the way others came and left in terms of players, coaches and leaders,” Haji wrote.

He continued: “He (Nabi) is not the first person to leave and will not be the last, people will continue to come at Yanga, and when the time to leave comes, they will leave.

“Our fans should keep calm as their management is at work; we request them to trust us and give us enough time because good things are coming.”

He further noted they eye to snatch another good coach with quality as Nabi, insisting it would be possible to find another competitive coach to drive their team further than it is now.

Earlier, Yanga’s Media and Communication Manager, Ali Kamwe, revealed that the team’s top goal scorer Fiston Mayele has one more year remaining on his contract. Still, any club interested in bidding on him is welcome.

“For Mayele, his case is different from that of Nabi because he has one year to serve at the club, but if any team is keen to get him, we are ready to enter into discussion,” he said.

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