Yanga: Deals with NMB, CRDB worthy

YOUNG Africans said the partnership sealed with NMB and CRDB will help a lot to facilitate registration of their members in all parts of the country plus enabling them to do banking services at ease.

This was highlighted on Saturday in Dar es Salaam by the club’s president Hersi Said who said all the bottlenecks that hindered smooth digital registration of members and fans have been resolved.

“With this partnership, a Yanga member will have to pay 34000/- to get the card of which 5000/- is the card payment and 5000/- a startup amount while 24000/- is the annual membership fee.

“For fans cards, he or she will pay 22000/- of which 5000/- is for card payment, 5000/- for start-up amount and 12000/- annual fan fee,” said Hersi.

He added that the cards to be issued will also be used for other activities like withdrawing cash from ATM and used for various banking activities like they do with ordinary smart cards provided by banks.

Moreover, Hersi elaborated that the coming in of the two banks will help to sort out card issuing delays which members and fans have been facing for a long time before this partnership.

On his part, NMB Chief Retail Banking Filbert Mponzi said the agreed partnership is set to start being implemented from July 10th this year at all their branches in the country.

“This is a win-win situation whereby both sides are going to benefit a lot from this partnership and I want to assure members and fans of Yanga that we have prepared many good things for them,” Mponzi said.

He added that they will also enable 900 Yanga branches across the country to operate as agents of NMB for members and fans of the club to their monetary transactions without any problems.

Again, Mponzi said health insurance packages will also be available to those who will get access to the cards, hence calling many people to embrace the initiative.

Meanwhile, in his remarks during the Yanga’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in the city recently, Hersi pointed out that they will also use this partnership to support them with the stadium construction project.

“Soon, we are going to sign partnership deals with top banks in the country. Later, we will submit to them our proposal for the stadium construction for them to provide support,” he said.

According to him, the current administration of the club will not leave without fulfilling its pledge of constructing a stadium at the club’s headquarters located at Jangwani street in Kariakoo, Dar es Salaam.

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