World leaders eulogise Mzee Mwinyi

TANZANIA: MESSAGES of condolences from leaders in Africa and around the world have been pouring in as Tanzania mourns the loss of its beloved former President, Ali Hassan Mwinyi.

Fondly known as Mzee Rukhsa, Mwinyi, aged 98, succumbed to lung cancer, leaving behind a legacy of leadership, diplomacy and economic reform. Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Mr Ahmed Abiy, expressed his condolences, praising Mwinyi’s contributions to Tanzania and the region.

“Thank you, President Samia Suluhu, for the warm welcome to Tanzania during the nation’s time of mourning,” Abiy remarked during his state visit to Tanzania, emphasising the deep respect and admiration for Mwinyi shared by neighbouring countries.

Kenya’s President, William Ruto, and former President Uhuru Kenyatta also paid homage to Mwinyi, acknowledging his pivotal role in shaping Tanzanian history.

President Ruto hailed him as a ‘great leader,’ while Uhuru highlighted Mwinyi’s significant impact on Tanzania’s economy and regional diplomacy efforts. In his message, Uhuru said Mwinyi ardently pursued regional cooperation and reconciliation playing a key role in successfully mediating conflicts within the East African region.

“Mwinyi is widely acknowledged as a prominent figure in Tanzanian history, renowned for his significant contributions to politics, economic development, and regional diplomacy. May the Almighty God grant strength to the family of the late President and bring solace to the people of Tanzania as they cope with this profound loss,” Uhuru said.

The United Kingdom’s High Commissioner to Tanzania, David Concar, echoed these sentiments, praising Mwinyi’s economic reforms that paved the way for Tanzania’s enduring prosperity.

“His landmark reforms enabled an economic revival which continues to benefit Tanzania to this day,” Concar remarked, underlining Mwinyi’s legacy.

China’s Ambassador to Tanzania, Chen Mingjian, expressed heartfelt condolences, emphasising Mwinyi’s efforts in strengthening Sino-Tanzanian relations.

“We will remember forever his contributions to deepening China-Tanzania allweather friendship,” Mingjian stated, highlighting Mwinyi’s significant impact on international diplomacy. Born on May 8, 1925, in the Coast Region of Mainland Tanzania to Hassan and Asha Sheikh Mwinyi, Ali Hassan Mwinyi rose to prominence as a statesman dedicated to advancing his nation’s interests on the global stage.

His tenure as Tanzania’s second President was marked by a commitment to economic development, social progress and regional cooperation.

As the Tanzanian nation bids farewell to Mzee Rukhsa, his memory will endure in the hearts of Tanzanians and the international community alike. Today, as he is laid to rest in Unguja, the world mourns the loss of a visionary leader whose contributions continue to shape the destiny of nations.

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