Work hard, VP urges

VICE-PRESIDENT Dr Philip Mpango has urged Tanzanians to continue working hard in agriculture, livestock, business and serving the public with integrity so as to contribute to nation building.

The Vice-President made the call after participating at the Holy Mass and 47th Anniversary of Mwenyeheri Maria Theresa Catholic Church at Airport parish in Dodoma led by Father Africanus Kimario and Father Emmanuel Mutambo, on Sunday.

Moreover, Dr Mpango called on parents, guardians and teachers to properly manage the upbringing and development of children and young people for the benefit of the entire nation.

“State of morals in the country is not satisfactory including moral decay and the increase in actions that do not please God,” he said.

The VP also urged the youth and children to have respect and manners in order to be successful in life, adding that respect should be for parents, houses of worship, the government as well as other authorities that have been placed by God on earth.

He urged the religious leaders to continue praying for the citizens so that country continues to be in peace and prosperity.

The church service was followed by the launch of Sacred Heart of Jesus statue as well as the commemoration ceremony of Blessed Mwenyeheri Maria Theresa Ledochowska, Administrator and Intercessor of the Parish.

The government aims to achieve more than 10 per cent growth for the agriculture sector by 2030 compared to the current of around 3.6 per cent, as part of the country’s ambitious agricultural transformation vision.

Other goals are ensuring food security and supply to cater to domestic demand and export, increasing the value of export of agricultural produce from 1.2 billion US dollars to more than 5 billion US dollars by 2030.

Recently, officiating the Farmer’s Exhibition in Mbeya Region, Vice-President Dr Philip Mpango reiterated the government’s commitment to develop further the agricultural, fisheries and livestock sectors to increase production, productivity and value of products in the country.

Besides, the initiatives are anticipated to boost incomes of people as well as create employment opportunities for the youth considering the fact that agriculture sector is the backbone of the economy.

Elaborating, the VP said that was the reason that the government has increased its budget for the agriculture ministry from 294bn/- in 2021/2022 to 970.7bn/- in 2023/2024, a record increase by 330 per cent since independence.

As for livestock and fisheries, he said their budget rose from 275bn/- in 2021/2022 to 295bn/- 2023/2024 with the aim of strengthening the sector.

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