Women in Zanzibar urged to start preparation for 2025 general election

AS the country moves towards its 7th General Elections in 2025, women have been motivated to start early preparations, particularly building confidence to contest.

The Director Tanzania Media Women Association (TAMWA- Zanzibar), Dr Mzuri Issa made the call on women who intend to run for political positions to get prepared by learning the electoral processes.

“It is not too early, better you start now to learn about how elections are conducted, beginning from your political parties,” Ms Ali said, when she held talk to women from various political parties in Zanzibar at the TAMWA-Zanzibar offices in Tunguu, area in Unguja central District.

She said that despite the fact that women form majority of population in Zanzibar, according to the national census, women in leadership positions are still few caused by among others negative attitudes, stereotypes, and patriarchy.

Ms Ali explained that in order to have more women in leadership in future, they should start early preparations including helping each other, by knowledge sharing on elections.

Ms Amina Kombo, who unsuccessfully contested in 1995, shared her experience that the environment for women was difficult during that time.

However she said, the situation has been significantly improving in recent years. She said women must take the opportunity to contest.

“Everyone knows here that when multiparty elections were reintroduced in 1995, it was difficult for women to contest. Many women had no freedom to decide and patriarchy was high. But today, things have changed, women have more freedom and opportunity to contest,” she said.

Explaining about how women can succeed, Ms Amina urged women to love each other, avoid discrimination and support one-another, regardless of political affiliation.

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