Women in politics award President Mwinyi

THE Women in politics platform- ULINGO have awarded President Hussein Mwinyi for his role in developing Zanzibar including promoting gender equality.

One of notable area, the group said, was his effort to enhance women participation in decision making and leadership posts.

Mwinyi said his government recognizes the importance of women in all the government’s pillars, namely; the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary.

“Women are capable of taking-up any role in the government,” Dr Mwinyi explained after receiving an award from the ULINGO for maintaining peace, unity, and stability.

The event was held at the Zanzibar State House where, Dr Mwinyi explained further that the Constitution also provides equal rights to all people regardless of gender, race, and place of origin, in leadership and other political rights.

Talking about the desire to achieve 50 by 50 per cent gender parity at least in the decision making bodies, he said “We have been going on well, and I am not regretting to appoint women because they have proved to perform well.”

“We should be thankful to God that our country has peace and stability on both sides of the United Republic of Tanzania, which gives us the opportunity to move forward smoothly,” he said.

Dr Mwinyi reassured ULINGO that the government will continue to provide equal rights and opportunities to all people so that each group including women benefit from economic and social services, especially in the area of attaining education.

“If you educate a woman, you have educated the society, this is a phrase we easily say, but it means a lot and I believe that if girls are educated, then many challenges in our society will be solved. Therefore, we must give special priority in educating girls,” he noted.

Equally, President Mwinyi promised that his government will strive to do everything possible to provide sufficient opportunities for girls in education along with improving better health services for mothers and child.

Dr Mwinyi thanked ULINGO for the great and good work they have been doing through their institution in promoting women rights, and that their work has a big interest for the nation and encouraged them to continue with those efforts.

“You have deliberately decided to unite the power of women in our country regardless of ideology and political affiliation, this is good as you are doing a great job of empowering women in various developmental areas but also issues of justice and political rights,” he said.

The Vice Chairperson of ULINGO, Zanzibar, Ms Mgeni Hassan Juma, said the main purpose of their platform is to raise the participation and image of Mwanamke (Woman) in the political ground, leadership and democracy.

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