Women deserve recognition in senior posts

THE sixth phase government has shown readiness to uplift women, who are today Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), entrepreneurs, philanthropists and much more, this is because their innovation and compassion, just like their counterparts, allow them to be great leaders and inspire the next generation to reach greater heights than ever before.

Looked at keenly, women in politics act as a voice for those who can’t speak and act on behalf of those in need. These women serve the people and fight for a better world for all-something that is not abnormal in any society.

To reinforce this according to Eleanor Roosevelt idea that, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” and this further shows that the girl-child has a right to realise her dreams and must not compromise with any situation or person to live her life.

With this in mind, President Samia Suluhu Hasan deserves praise again for showing that her government phase of empowering women is still on course so that they also become strong pillars in pushing forward the development agenda, just like any other Tanzanian.

Looked at keenly, to empower women is fundamental because of their ability to overcome poverty, cope with shocks and improve their wellbeing in society.

When women realise their economic goals their incomes mostly go to the grassroots to upkeep families- that is why it is best known that when you educate a woman, you educate a family (read society).

Nonetheless, the chances for Tanzanian women in decision-making bodies have been minimal and largely rooted in cultural norms despite making up a huge portion of the country’s population.

Yet, globally, women continue to trail men in formal labour force participation, land and property ownership and access to financial services, like credit and savings.

This is why President Samia has been encouraging women to join forces in fighting against traditions and customs, which drag them behind, instead of focusing on their rights and welfare in policies and papers.

President Samia at different times pledged to appoint women to various leadership positions provided they have unquestionable integrity, competence and required education level being some of the measures to address challenges facing women.

She has been keen on spotting capabilities in women, the qualities that proved that women have great potential in carrying out their responsibilities.

Similarly, women need to defy all odds and change their mindset by focusing on productive activities for their development and the country at large.

Therefore, to help women reach their full potential there is a need for the whole society to support efforts put by President Samia’s government that would make women live safe and productive lives while contributing their skills to the development of the country.

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