Woman drowns in floods 

GEITA: A woman identified as Lembe Makenze (27) a resident of Msalala village in Nyang’hwale District, Geita Region drowned in floodwaters on Monday when she attempted to cross a bridge by a motorcycle.

The Nyang’hwale District Commissioner, Ms Grace Kingalame said that the woman was swept away in the area which is the border of Kayenze and Izunya villages.

She was a passenger on a motorcycle from Kafita village.

Kingalame said, that during the accident, the rider of the motorcycle was overpowered and swept away by the flood waters across the bridge.

“After being informed, I and my team went to the area to see the possibilities of saving the two people and unfortunately we found the woman’s body drowned in water along with the motorcycle,” she said.

The DC further noted that the fire and rescue team is monitoring the information of the motorcyclist who is reported to have managed to save himself and after the accident and then went missing.

The district commissioner urged all the Nyang’hwale residents to take precautions during this rainy season, as most of the infrastructure has been damaged.

“Everyone should take precautions, don’t underestimate the flood water, don’t taste the moving water with your foot, once you see flood water across your direction turn around and find an alternative way for your safety.”

The Nyang’hwale district Fire and Rescue Officer, Mr Hussein Saliboko explained, that after the reported accident, the rescue team arrived at the site and recovered the body of the woman with the motorcycle.

He explained that the woman’s body was taken to Kharumwa health centre and the doctors confirmed that she had already died and therefore further procedures were taken to find her relatives.

Mr Saliboko confirmed that the cyclist had already been found alive.

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